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Karen, This works for me... - Select the 3 images. - File > Print - Select Individual Prints, 4x6, Crop to Match. PSA fits the 3 images onto one 8.5x11 page. BTW, this is the Photoshop Elements forum. You may get additional responses by posing this question in the Photoshop Album forum. Good luck! Byron...

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    This works for me...

    - Select the 3 images.

    - File > Print

    - Select Individual Prints, 4x6, Crop to Match.

    PSA fits the 3 images onto one 8.5x11 page.

    BTW, this is the Photoshop Elements forum. You may get additional responses by posing this question in the Photoshop Album forum.

    Good luck!

    Byron Gale Guest

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    IN Elements 2--not photo album.I couldn't tell, Karen, which program you wanted tips for, because both make album pages, I think APSE2 does it better and this is the way I do it.
    1)Create new doc that will become the album page. Make it 8.0 X 10.5, set res to 240 a reasonable one for optimal printer dpi
    2)Add photos to it (as many as you wish) Use your file>browse feature, or open>File, to select your pictures. While the first photo is active, click and drag its background layer from the layers palette onto the doent window of the new doc where you want to place the image. Close the picture, repeat for additonal pictures, dragging each over to the new doc
    3)Arrange, Crop and Size each photo on the new doc(album page) Use Move tool to arrange photos approximately where you want them, turn them, etc. To make it easy to see, use view>Fit on screen to maximize your viewable area. Drag your images up or down through the layers palette to bring to front or send to back any of them or overlap them attractively. (If a pic is too large you can Image>Transform>Freetransform, and hold the shift key to constrain.) Use Enter key to commit. If you need to crop one of the images, move it to top of layers palette and work the marquee tool to cut. (separate technique) Now you can resize or place the cropped photo exactly where you want it.
    4) Add Drop Shadows etc to each (or none) of the images toggling through your layers...recommend saving at this step
    5) Flatten Image now, and add text--multiple places on the page by several different text layers moved and positioned around your images.
    Tip. Your album page is more interesting and prettier if you start with a textured background, so try that too. The technique I've described probably is actually collaging or montaging if you are looking for more skills. This is a fun way to make a scrapbook page where you have complete control over your display. Hope this helps.
    pssequim Guest

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    pssequim - very nice technique!

    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Again I direct you to ACDSee's new
    FOTO SLATE product. A great paper saver and it will print virtually what and how you want it printed.
    Gymbag Guest

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    Remember this is an Adobe forum and we usually try to help people to do what they want to accomplish within the program they own and not be sending them to other programs.

    I'm only mentioning this because this is your 3rd posting that I've come across that mentions this program. It is beginning to look like advertising.

    Richard Coencas Guest

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    Default Photos

    When I move photos into an Adobe template it changes the appearance. Does anyone know why?
    Judy A Rosamond Guest

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    Could you give a little bit more information, please? That's a little sketchy. :)

    Unless... are you saying when you view an image in Elements that the colors look different than when the same image is viewed in another application? If so, that probably means you have to calibrate your monitor. Elements is a color managed program, and most of the other digital editing or viewing applications are not. It's a pretty common thing to have happen.

    Please post with some platform and system information if you want more help in correcting this.
    Beth Haney Guest

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    When I have a photo in Photo Elements and edit this phote and it looks and prints very clear, I save it as jpg or pmd.

    Then, when I open Adobe Pagemaker to place this photo into a template the clarity is gone. I have to go back to Photo Elements and sharpen several times and save and then open Pagemaker and place the revised photo.

    Why do I loose such clarity?

    Hope this explains what I mean.

    Thanks, Judy
    Judy A Rosamond Guest

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    Pagemaker displays a preview of the image and not the full resolution image. It should print fine. This is just to save memory and redraw time.

    Richard Coencas Guest

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    I realize it displays the image, however, when I PRINT the image out of a Pagemaker template it does not have the clarity that Photo elements has. and it is the SAME picture.

    Help me if you can......
    Judy A Rosamond Guest

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    Default photos

    ok,i said i was new at this, so ere goes....i wanna create a photo
    album....but not like a slide theory this is the "plan" - someone
    click on the button strangley named "photos" then a box opens (this is the
    part i want help with) say ?? 10 ?? photos scroll on the page.... then when
    u click on a photo... it opens up covering the other photos...till u click
    to close it.....!!! THE END !! do i need to do alot of
    timelines/ do this....or am i being realy stupid to attempt this
    being a newbie ??



    Richard Guest

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    Hey man, I've done exacty the same photo album that is.....check it out.

    Its good fun to do, however if you have loadsa photos it gets monotonous. I did thumbnail type buttons that scaled up a little when mouse over and when clicked, linked directy to the photo that automatically opens in a new window. That was the best way i thought i could get it done...i'm interested in the outcome of yous....please leavve a link here so we can see.... cheers,


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    georgemonster Guest

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