A little off topic, but in the hopes that some of you are already into
Photoshop Album along with Elements, I have a question.

I'm in the process of evaluating the various features of Album, and have run
into a little something when generating a Web Photo Gallery.

To generate the Web Photo Gallery I make whatever photo selections I'm going
to use, then click on Creations > Web Photo Gallery. I'm then presented with
the Web Photo Gallery main menu screen.

On the opening screen, the first choice in "Gallery Style" is "Horizontal
Dark". When "Horizontal Dark" is selected the Preview frame shows a nifty
landscape scene occupying the left side of the preview screen with the text
(captions, etc.) placed to the right of the main photograph and the
thumbnails placed under it.

However, if I choose that "Horizontal Dark" style and actually generate a
website with it, the resulting photo is not on the left side but is placed
in the center of the screen with the text (captions, filename, etc.) placed
below it.

I would prefer the former view since you can see everything right away. The
second view, the one actually resulting from the process, will require
scrolling to see the captions and other text (unless you use a much smaller
picture size).

If there is some way to select an option so that the large photo appears on
the left of the screen as shown in the Preview thingy, I can't find it.

I know I could rewrite the HTML, but I'd have to do that for the HTML file
associated with each photograph. Way too much work. There must be something
pretty simple that I'm missing.

Anyone able to help??

Thanks in advance.

Chuck Thompson