I have been running PHP as a CGI for a few months now (using suExec
patch [url]http://www.localhost.nl/patches/apache_1.3.27-php-suexec-patch[/url]).
I decided to upgrade to version 4.3.2 (from 4.3.1). I configured 4.3.2
exactly the same as 4.3.1 using ./configure --with-mysql --enable-cgi.
I did a make install and then copied the /usr/local/bin/php to
/usr/local/bin/php4.cgi as that is what the suExec patch is expecting.
After replacing the 4.3.1 binary w/ the 4.3.2 binary all scripts
executed return a "No input file specified" error message, which means
for some reason the executable isn't receiving the argument of the
script to execute. The strange thing is that if I copy the 4.3.1
binary back everything works properly. Here is the relevant code
regarding suexec.c w/ some debugging changes by me.
if (usephp) {
newargv[0] = phphandler;
newargv[1] = cmd;
newargv[2] = NULL;
log_err("argv0: %s argv1: %s cwd:
log = NULL;
execv(newargv[0], newargv);

and here is the log output when a PHP script is called.
[2003-07-08 10:09:03]: info: (target/actual) uid: (james/james) gid:
(james/james) cmd: index.php
[2003-07-08 10:09:03]: argv0: /usr/local/bin/php4.cgi argv1: index.php
cwd: /home/james/website.net/3/ss

Any help/pointers are appreciated.