--- Ryan A <ryanjumac.com> wrote:
> how do i make sure that the cookie will work for [url]http://best[/url]....
> and [url]www.best[/url]... and blah.bestweb.... etc? because thats what I
> thought I was doing by using .bestwebhosters.com
If you are setting the cookie from bestwebhosters.com, the best way (my
opinion) is to not specify the domain, so that the browser will use the current
domain. This seems to be the most compatible across all browsers.

If you want to specify the domain, you can try leaving off the leading dot, as
in bestwebhosters.com. On *most* Web browsers, the cookie will be sent in
requests for [url]www.bestwebhosters.com[/url] also, but from hat I have read, this is
less reliable.

Hope that helps.


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