On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 13:41, Magnus M=E4=E4tt=E4 wrote: [/ref][/ref]
I [/ref][/ref]
> >
> > Please keep it in.[/ref]
> NOOOO! Don't nuke it!
> I don't get the point some people here are trying to make.
> Their point was something about that when following E_STRICT it will (may=[/ref]

Please stop polarizing. There is no point in trying to push this to any
kind of extreme. The point is to provide a smooth transition for
existing PHP 4 users, without the need for them to rewrite all code at
once, including code they don't maintain themselves. Backporting is not
an option anyway, since it will not work for current 4.x releases. The
only thing that will work is for PHP 5 to provide the transition
features that are needed. E_STRICT or var/public happens to be one of

- Stig

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