Jan Schneider wrote:
> I *love* it when threads silently die. ;-)
> Will this problem actually adressed by anyone or will we again have to
> release new versions of our software just because a minor PHP came out or
> deal with a huge amount of user complaints?
Yeah, it kind of just trailed off at then end there, didn't it...

As near as I can tell, leaving it in seems to be the way to go at the
moment. Being as they're E_NOTICEs and not full-on E_WARNINGs and the fact
that the actual behaviour of the function hasn't changed (except, of
course, the E_NOTICEs), it seems to be a good reminder that the
undoented behaviour being relied upon is subject to change. (And will
change in 5, for that matter.)

I'd imagine that most setups ignore E_NOTICEs, so most people won't even
notice. (No pun intended, of course.)

If there's anybody else who wants to take up the issue they're more than
welcome to. I prefer leaving it in, but maybe that's just me. (Well, it's
not just me, actually, but you know what I mean.)


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