On October 7, 2003 08:19 pm, Jon Parise wrote:
> By your definition, the code was "proper" (i.e. did not generate
> warnings) until the underlying rules were changed, and I'm sure we all
> agree that that's a silly definition of "proper code".
Well, you are claiming that a code that relies on an illogical and
undoented 'feature' is proper? The function doentation both in the
manual & the php source comments clearly stated the the only acceptable
arguments for the function are arrays. Had someone for whatever reasons
converted the function to use new argument parsing API the same thing
would've happened. So, unless you would like to argue that PHP's argument
parsing is wrong this is not a bug.
Even if we were to take other array functions into consideration, you'd notice
that they would return E_WARNING let a lone a harmless E_NOTICE (blocked by
most people) when passed a variable of an incorrect type.

PEAR is the official PHP library, which many people will undoubtedly use to
learn by example. IMHO that means that PEAR libraries especially the ones
part of the 'core' (automatically distributed) packages contain exemplary
code other people can safely learn from?


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