Whomever said that there are no issues with libxml as the api doesnt change,
sure didnt take into account that the functionality does change which can
really break things until it its well tested and fixed (both 2.5.7 and 2.5.8
binaries have issues affecting php5). The binaries from the libxml windows
maintainer are occasionally updated with the latest code, so hopefully the
next 2.5.8 will be rolled within the next few weeks.

This also means that some versions of 2.5.8 from non windows distros will
most likely cause the same problems, all depending upon when it was built
and what release of the package.

If anyone needs a working libxml binary for windows , I packaged a debug and
release version (FOR DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY). You can grab them from:


The release version is completely untested.
The debug version, which I am using, is a debug build with libxml memory
debugging enabled.

They are both built from the stock 2.5.8 tar.gz file with only the code
which is breaking under php5 patched (the changes are now in libxml cvs as


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