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Adam Maccabee Trachtenberg wrote:
>On 14 Oct 2003, Robert mings wrote:
>>Why would this make regular expressions more widespread? I would expect
>>that regular expressions are used wherever necessary and otherwise not
>>used, regardless of syntax. Or are you saying because regex matching is
>>invoked via a function that you don't use regex? In such a case I'd have
>>to ask what you use instead!?
>Following that logic, why would anyone prefer one Turing-complete
>language over another? They only differ in their syntax. :) Okay, this
>is an extreme example.
>However, I think it is safe to say that language syntax and grammar
>cause users to exhibit a tendency to use one set of techniques in
>comparison to another.
>As a general rule, PHP's operators (i.e. funny looking punctuation)
>are easily recognizable basics; its functions (i.e. letters with () at
>the end) are ones that need more clarify of identification at the
>expense of extra letters. (Not exactly, but I'm generalizing here.)
>I guess the real questions here (to me) is are regular expressions a
>common enough action and is "=~" a common enough symbol that it's
>worth a decrease in clarity? I don't know. Regular expressions have
>certainly shown their frequent usefulness. I've always hated =~ as a
>symbol, but with Perl's popularity, it doesn't really makes sense to
>choose anything else.
>In the 70s, regular expressions were expensive, so languages like C
>didn't include a regex operator. Why should we be bound by the
>decisions of K&R and strongly typed languages? At some point,
>languages moved away from the Lisp camp, where everything was a
>word. Lisp is super verbose, but I don't see people advocating for a
>return, even if we got rid of all the stupid (()())s.
"don't see people advocating ..." -
Here in php-internals? Read comp.lang.lisp :)
I personally think that language with only () for
syntax have it's pluses so it can not be called
stupid but rather "strange choice" because you
wouldn't choose it.
>As Dave said, we added === when no other language in the world has
>that. Why would =~ be necessarily more confusing?


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