On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Jaaboo wrote:
> PHP5 Beta1?
> yesterday i have downloaded the bin version of php5 for windows.
> here are some problems that i have during my install / test.
> some of them i have solved but a few i can't figure out.
> 1. if you have installed apache1.3x and php4 before and want upgrade to
> apache 1.3.x and php5 then you must replace the entry in the httpd.conf
> from :
> LoadModule php4_module c:/php/sapi/php4apache.dll
> to
> LoadModule php5_module c:/php/sapi/php4apache.dll
> otherwise apache does not start. this is install.doc in the php distribution
> tells you to use the first statement. it seems that the docs need some work
> to reflect the new php5 config/install statements.
PHP5 Beta 1 (Get it :) is a beta. How to install the stable version is
doented, but beta's are intended, IMO, for developers and experienced users
to "try".
> 2. PHP5 comes without the clientlibs of mysql!!!
> i find it very confusing that there is no more info about this on
> [url]www.php.net[/url] nor mysql.com
> so what with lamp and wamp (will it be lans and wans for the new sqlite)
> ok they don't budle mysql and php but how can we do it with php5 + mysql
> where is the info , the how to ?
Due to the MySQL client library changing it's licensing terms from public domain
to GPL it can no longer be included with PHP. A "clause" is being worked on to
allow for this in the future.
> 3. PHP5 have a completely new domxml extension . where is it ? the
> recomended - php.ini in the distribution confuses you again with old module
> entries that doesn't work.
> what they meen with a complete new extension is it so new that we can't see
> it? ;-)
In ext/domxml . Again it's beta. There are kinks to be ironed out. :)
> 4. i can't understand why they call it php5 beta1 , as long as mysql doesnt
> work it can only called php5 alpha zero.
Erm, it's beta because it is a beta. It has a new engine and new structure and

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