> I would like to call a function from a <FORM>'s ACTION attribute. This
> is
> what I'm trying to do:
> ACTION="www.example.com/PHP_FILENAME/function_name?
> parameter1=x&parameter2=y
> " etc...>
Well, you're not going to call a function that way, but you will submit
the form to the PHP page (PHP_FILENAME) and that page can call the
function. If the action attribute was script.php?p1=x&p2=y

Then script.php would have
function_name ($_GET['x'], $_GET['y']);

You'll probably want to do some validity checking on the GET data, just
in case.

Hope that helps,

PS Just to be clear: you can't call a PHP function using a form since a
form is on the client and PHP is on the server.