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...and then Mike At Spy said...
% Anyone here familiar with the installation of Image Magick and what filesit
% installs on your machine?


% I had an admin put it on, and then took it off - but took it off by removing

Why take it off? Tsk, tsk! You'll miss it ;-)

% what she thought were all of the files related to it. I just found some
% files I think that are. They are located in the usr/local/bin directory and
% are called:
% animate
% composite
% convert
% display
% identify
% mogrify
% montage

Yes, those are all magick executables. The interesting thing is that
your admin could have missed those when, well, they're the biggest end
result of IM (some might just use the perl or lib code, but most will
want the CLI executables). I wouldn't be at all sure that "everything
else" has been cleaned from the machine. You might run a find across the
whole system and check for that timestamp.

As was already suggested, if it was installed via rpm then go ahead and
remove it via rpm.


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