* Thus wrote John (hippiejohncox.net):
> I know the perl script executes because a basic print statement in the
> perl script is outputted to /tmp/error. However anything else in the
> script not having to do with output is not executed. The perl script is
> basically supposed to add a file. That is it. The perl script is fine
> from command line. All paths are correct and like I said I do not care
> about output to the browser for the user. My questions is why does the
> perl script execute (and mostly work) but not execute certain pieces of
> code when executed from my php page.
The odds are that the perl script is running the code. The problem
most likely is permissions. The web server generally (and should
be) running as a different user. The user has very little
permissions to the file system by default.

You'll have to fix the permissions on the directoy that the
perl script is trying to modify.

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