thanx for your help, Ive got flu and all these small things seem to be
escaping my eyes. I just want to ask you a small question:

If i want this page to submit to itself and I want to test for it, would I
go about it like this:

if ("Request" == $reqPaper)


if my submit button code looks like this:

<input type="submit" name="reqPaper" value="Request">

or is there a better way of testing this?

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You might like to try something like $REQUEST_URI rather than $PHP_SELF, if
you want to keep the existing parameters. However, in forms, it's better to
redeclare them, so in your case, you'd want to add an <input type=hidden
name=ID value=\"$ID\">



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> Hi,
> I have a form that has a submit button in it, when the button is pressed I
> want it to reload the same page, with the same URL, however when I click
> the submit button, the URL that it produces is http://whatever.php? then
> name of my submit button = value for example:
> <form action="<?php echo($PHP_SELF); ?>" type=post>
> <input type="checkbox" value=" . $ID . " name="">
> Request this abstract!
> <input type="submit" value="Request" name="reqPaper">
> </form>
> this gives a URL of:
> http://localhost/ebLatest/indpaper.php?reqPaper=Request
> instead of the previous URL that was .php?ID=110
> What I want to know is why the name and value of the submit button are
> displayed in the URL?
> also why doesnt the ?php echo($PHP_SELF); work???
> thanx in advance.
> Angelo
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