I have a form in which I have checkboxes.
Right now, I wrote the form's html and the php4 script.

I use associative arrays in the form to capture the checkboxes
that are checked.

My html form puts the data in $info[] if the check box is checked.
Part of my php4 script is as follows:
$items = 3; //initialize possible # of items
for ($i = 1; $i <= $items; $i++) { //loop on # of items
$MailBody .= "$info[$i], ";

The variable $MailBody always is null, no matter how many
boxes I check in the form.!!
In pHP4 script, How do I extract the data from that associative array?
Do I need to use $_POST to capture the data from the associative array
or can I access the associative array directly in the PHP4 script as I
did above?
Do I need to set any global variables for this to work?

thank you for your help