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Picture Printing of Different Photos - Adobe Photoshop Elements

I am new at this so I would like Step by Step Instructions on printing say 4 Different 5x7 Pictures? Or even different sizes with different pictures? Can someone out there please tell me How to do this?...

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    Default Picture Printing of Different Photos

    I am new at this so I would like Step by Step Instructions on printing say 4 Different 5x7 Pictures? Or even different sizes with different pictures?

    Can someone out there please tell me How to do this?
    Andy 23 Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos


    If you wish to print more than one image on one paper, they must be the same resolution. That means all images and the background you will create must have matching resolutions.

    The idea is to create a background, which will be the size of the paper you wish to print on, and then simply paste your images onto that background. They can be rotated if needed to better fill up the paper, like a puzzle.

    * Open up the images you wish to place on a sheet of paper. They will stack up on top of each other, so after opening the second one, hit Ctrl/- (the minus sign) a few times for it to shrink up, click and hold the title bar to drag it off to the side some. Now shrink and move aside the original. If you have more, do likewise. All images are visible, even if tiny, on work area.
    * Check to see what the resolutions are for the photos. They must be the same. If not, decide on a resolution to use, (preferably the largest res. of your images, but somewhere between 200-300 ppi). Click a title bar and go to Image>Size>Image Resize and UNcheck Resample but type in the res. you have decided to use. Do likewise if you have more to change.
    * To create a background to paste them on...for an example, if you want to paste them onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet...go to File>New and type in the resolution you have decided to use, type in 8.5 and 11 for the paper size and can use either white or transparent background. (can shrink it with Ctrl/-)
    * Have your Layers Palette visible on your workarea, tight against rightside is good, drag the tab down from the well if not visible.
    * To add the images to the on the title bar of image to add, layer(s) shows up in palette. From the palette, just click/drag that layer and drop it onto your newly created background. For next image, click on title bar and drag it to background.
    * To rearrange the placement of the images on your on title bar of background. You will see each image added has been put on its own layer. Click on the image's layer you need to move (on the background palette). Get the 'Move' tool from box, your image will have bounding box around it on the background. Click/drag it wherever you want it to be. If you need to rotate an image for better use of the paper, go Image>Rotate and choose something, like 90 degrees right.
    * When placement if finished, save the new file. You are ready to print several images on one piece of paper.

    note: when changing the resolution of a file, the print out size is inversely proportional to the resolution number. This means if increase the resolution of an image, it will print out smaller. (This is why you need to change the res. of images to match first, so you will know how they will fit on the background)

    Come back if my directions are inadequate.

    Nancy S Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    Would this create say the nice white borders around your picture like the one you get from the Photo Labs?
    Andy 23 Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    Andy, the method Nancy outlined lets YOU decide how much space is between each photo to use as a border. Keep in mind, too, that the size of the pictures you want to print compared to the size of the piece of photo paper (standard is 8 1/2 X 11) plus whatever the "no print" zone of your computer is (usually about 1/4 inch on all sides) effects spacing, too.

    For example, if you want to print two 5 X 7 photos side by side, first the canvas will need to be set up in "landscape" mode - wider than it is high. Then, you'll have a total of 10 inches (width) of image to fit in 11 inches of paper. Substracting 1/4 on each side for no-print zone, that will let you have another 1/2 inch between the two pictures. Set up that way, you can trim your photos to have 1/4 inch all around.

    BUT, what you get from the photo lab will be 5 X 7 including the white border. In order to achieve that, you'll have to reduce the size of the images themselves by the width of the white border you're after. To get an even 5 X 7, including a 1/4 inch white border on all sides, you'll have to reduce the size of your image to 4 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches. Then you can place them on the canvas, spaced in a way that gives you your 1/4 on all sides.

    Have you actually set one of these up yet on your computer? Once you start putting it together, it will become more obvious what happens and how much control you have. Just envision having a couple of photos in your hand and a piece of paper on the table, and you want to arrange the pictures on the paper. You lay them on it and shift them around until the placement suits you. This is what Nancy's instructions allow you to do, but you do it on the computer, using the mouse instead of your hand.

    Start playing around with this, and then post again when you hit a spot that's giving you trouble. I don't think you'll have to, though!
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    Nancy and Beth have given you A1 instructions, predicated on a fundamental appreciation of layers, etc.
    I had trouble with these concepts not too long ago. I suggest that you avail yourself of a good book to help you master this program. I found Photoshop Elements Solutions by Mikkel Aaland to be excellent. I studied the book chapter by chapter, tried out each drill on the computer - sort of a home course.
    Kenneth Liffmann Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos


    In simple terms, a canvas is like a real canvas an artist would paint on.
    Only difference is that a picture resides ON the canvas.

    If you have a picture open go to Image / Resize / Canvas Size. Now make the
    dimensions larger and click OK. You will have the original picture same
    size it was but now you will have a larger canvas that protrudes from all
    sides. (When you print your printer recognizes the canvas size rather than
    the picture size).

    The canvas is like another layer so here we are, back to "Layers". It is
    very important that you get used to them and you will find it to be simple
    after a while and an amazingly powerful tool!


    Pete D Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    I don't know about you, but I am getting a lot from answers to your questions. They are all somewhat basic and I can use the review.
    Aren't these PSE forum people GREAT!
    Marty Landolt Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    Hi Marty,

    Yeah, this forum can teach PSE basics just watching the questions and
    answers:) It was a long time ago that I did just that to learn and it is
    nice to see new people doing the same.


    Pete D Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    You might want to try AMAZON for a used book on Photoshop Elements.
    Marty Landolt Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos


    If you are a visual learner, you might consider "Teach yourself visually-Photoshop Elements 2" by Mike Wooldridge. You may be familiar with the "Visually" books and if not you may want to try one. They consist mostly of illustrations of keyboard and monitor shots to teach the concepts. For instance, the book has a nice section on layers and I think these illustrations are worth thousands of words. And they are step by step. There is a short section on printing. I have several beginning books on PSE 2 as I also am a beginner and this illustrates in the way I learn the easiest. It may do the same for you or it may not. Depends on how you learn.

    I also found one of the tutorials in PSE 2 a hands on illustration that helped me a great deal-PSE 2>Help>Photoshop Elements Tutorials>Harnessing the power of layers. Do you understand how the preceeding sentence will lead you to the destination?

    carl sutherland Guest

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    Default Re: Picture Printing of Different Photos

    Andy 23
    See 9 things aboveyour querie
    How to print different pictures. Download the free trial of ACDSee's new FOTO SLATE picture printing software. It is extremely easy to use and No more wasted paper.
    Jim Stewart
    Gymbag Guest

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