Ok im designing my first flash website. I have a question about playing a movie clip once. See my movie clip is a menu bar that pops out the names of the different sections of the site. Well since i needed to tween them, I made them all one movie clip. So my menu is all one movie clip, well i want my menu to be there all the time on the side but when i use this command for a button to go to a frame where a different section is, it then re-plays the menu animation.

on (release){

It replays my whole menu animation, which i dont want it to do. So basically i want the menu to play once when i enter the site and i want it to not play again, but remain in the same position so you cna see all the section names.

Here is what im talking about, if you click news when it pops out it goes to frame 5 but plays the movie again.

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