VB developers in my firm have implemented MSMQ solution that works perfect.
MSMQ exists since
Win NT 4.0 and even then was very reliable. MSMQ on Win 2000 is almost

Our solution was never maintained after initial instalation. VB component
that checks MSMQ for new messages
is not very complicated to write.

The only trouble that you might run into is the reliability of Internet
link, and validity of data that DTS packet has to merge
on the destination database. Carrefully implement error handling and
bussines logic if error occurs (logical or formal).

After all this discussion I HAVE TO suggest to you to use SQL server
ton because it implements all of that you need,
and is error prone. Don't start developing something that is already on the
market, is tested and free of charge (comes with SQL server).

So see if you can use SQL Server tion. I'm sure u can.

Dean Savovic

"Andy Chu" <chuguohuasina.com> wrote in message
> Hi, dear all,
> The problem I faced is to te data between two SQL
> Server 2000 via internet. And the data will be managed
> before te. To improve reliability, my solution is:
> SQL Server DTS---MSMQ--------------------MSMQ---SQL
> Server DTS
> Since I have litter knowledge about SQL Server and MSMQ,
> I worry about whether the solution is right and what
> trouble I will meet during development and deployment.
> So PLEASE give me some advices.
> Thank you for you help!!
> -Andy