My parents-in-law apparently damaged their Minolta Riva Zoom 140EX Point &
Shoot. It can still take clear pictures, and the actual functioning is
fine. The problem is the "eyepiece" (the opening through which you look),
which is altogether separate from the lens. It is very very blurry (making
it practically impossible to know what you are pointing at). I guess the
camera got banged around a bit, maybe in a suitcase, maybe it was dropped.

The only "guesstimates" for the cost of repairing this little blunder range
from CDN$100-200. Most of this is the labour costs, at about $70/hour.
Clearly, it's not worth paying for this. They can probably buy a new one
for less.

It still seems a shame to throw away a camera that is 99% in fine condition.
So I might still try to fix it myself.... Should this be a feasible home
repair? Has anyone done it who can provide some guidance? I am by no means
an expert, but I have a set of small drivers and a bit of time &

Thanks in advance for any help!