Here is my previous post regarding links for pop up menu.

Use doent relative link for the pop-up. All you need is to set it ahead
in Fireworks so after export. all the links to the doents in your page
are there in the pop up menus. Read over the links below that talk about
links and what's the best type to use.



With regard to troubleshooting the exported HTML of Fireworks in Frontpage,
just make sure you export it properly. Follow the TechNote below on how to
do this in Fireworks.


hope this helps.

Anthony Dugenia
Technical Support Specialist
Macromedia Technical Support

"Nekroknox" <webforumsusermacromedia.com> wrote in message
> I need some help i have created a pop up menu and i have entered the links
but they are leading to some folder on my hard drive. How can i get the
links to view the folder i want it to and not this other one. And another
problem i have is that when i import the navbar i have created with the pop
up menus into frontpage when i perview it in IE6 when i click on one of the
pop up menu links it does nothing? Can any one help me?
> Matt