hi ..
... i'm tryin to populate my SQL DB through Flash .. doesn't seem to work . it worx cool with HTML, but gives me an empty row in the DB, using Flash ..
... heres what i am doing ..

- im calling upon a PHP Script from Flash by:

loadVariablesNum("signUp1.php?id="+id+"&pass="+pas s+"&fName="+fName+"&lName="+lName+"&dob="+dob+"&em ail="+email+"&web="+web+"&ovCountry="+ovCountry+"& ovCity="+ovCity+"&ovTel="+ovTel+"&pakCity="+pakCit y+"&pakTel="+pakTel, 0);

- and the PHP Script :

$DBhost = "localhost";
$Connect = mysql_connect($DBhost);

$t = "memberinfo";

$query = "INSERT INTO $t (id, password, firstName, lastName, dob, email1, website, ovCountry, ovCity, ovTel1, pakCity, pakTel1, viewable, lastEdited, memberSince) VALUES ('$id' , '$pass', '$fName', '$lName', '$dob', '$email', '$web', '$ovCountry', '$ovCity', '$ovTel', '$pakCity', '$pakTel','y', NULL, NULL)";


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