Gordon Burditt wrote:
>> let's say there are several computers here, all with Apache/PHP/MySQL
>> installed. For reasons we won't get into at this time, there will
>> not be a central server.
> Do they all have *THE SAME VERSION*? Or at least reasonably close?
Yup, upgrades will be personally performed by me, on each box.
> Also, to avoid messy problems with UNIX UIDs, it's a good idea that
> user 'mysql' have the same numeric UID on all systems.
Hmmz, 1 linux, rest is Windows... Unfortunately offcourse, but allright for
the next few months.
>> I've got a regularly backed up USB stick with my work etc. Is it
>> enough to edit my.cnf with datadir="/path/to/usb_stick/database"
>> (services will always be shut down before "moving" the USB stick, so
>> I'll have a portabel database, or is there something else I haven't
>> thought of?
> That replaces *ALL* of the databases, including the privilege
> database,
> with what's on the USB memory stick.
Which is exactly what it should do.
> Also, you're only going to have the database on these up one system
> at a time?
Yup. It's my own personal development environment. Toying with priviliges,
database layout etc. when I'm coding. I'll be the only one using it untill
it's finished, so it will only be up on one system at a time. Offcourse,
once something is finished, it's moved to a server.

Rik Wasmus