I have the following problem: I am working an a project called
libsmtp-- which is developed under Linux. Now i am trying to
port the library to MacOS X. In the end i want to have a
libsmtp--.dylib shared library object.

1. Step - compile all modules
# gcc -g -O2 -dynamic -pedantic -fPIC -Os -Wall module.c -o module.o

2. Step - link the library
# gcc -g -O2 -dynamic -pedantic -fPIC -Os -Wall -dynamiclib \
-nostartfiles -o libsmtp--.dylib *.o

Is that correct, will the file libsmtp--.dylib be a Mac OS specific
dynamic shared object?


6832 C8EC -------------------------------- 6FBF 9383
D823 4059 --== "Everything you know is wrong" ==-- 7DBD 109E
0CD1 -------------------------------- 98DC