Peter Linden <> wrote:
> I have a fully functional (and equipped) PowerBook 100 that I want to sell.
> Looking on ebay, they don't seem to go for much...maybe $50 or so. Is there
> no market for these things among collectors? What would you advise?
There is no market. There is only one old Mac that you'd get much
for, and that is the 20th Anniversary Mac. The most desired Apple
is the Apple I. You can get a Mac 128K for $0-10. I got a Mac 512
(the first one, not the one with those fancy 800k disks) for $1
including an external floppy drive.

You can either keep it, and hope most of the other PowerBook 100s
break, and at some point it becomes more valuable. Or you can take
the $50 now and enjoy something else. Your call.