i've got a powerbook g4, 800 mghz machine, and i've been carrying it
around this summer more than i have in the last year of having it, and
the screen has just started to flicker, and the backlight periodically
fails. if the computer is put to sleep and then woken up, the backlight
comes back on. it seems to flicker out when the computer is moved, the
touchpad is tapped, a cd is inserted, stuff like that, and it currenlty
seems to get better as the computer warms up. this has only been going
on a few days, so it may get worse shortly.

i've done some surfing and have found people suggesting things like
this in similar situations:
> The problem is that the backlight power cable has been pinched. I had
> this happen on my daughters iBook it is real common problem with
> iBooks. You can replace the cable. I contacted Smalldog and purchased
> the cable for the iBook for 20 dollars. I had to take the whole lap top
> apart to do it. Its an easy fix took 4 hours total time.
> the backlight is powered by the inverter board. It is possible the
> inverter board is going flaky.
i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with problems like described
above, and if they have any suggestions. could i be the monitor
powercable coming unseated from inside the machine, or something like

also, if it does turn out to be the inverter, does anyone have any
suggestions on where to pick one up?

thanks much in advance for any suggestions.

josh yumibe