Missing Sync for Garmin Provides iQue 3600 Connectivity for Mac Users

New release is fifth Missing Sync product that connects
Macs with popular PDA handhelds

September 8, 2003 - Los Gatos, California - Mark/Space, Inc., makers of
the award winning Missing Sync software, announces the Missing Sync for
Garmin(R), enabling Garmin iQue(tm) 3600 handheld users to synchronize
with a Mac using Mac OS X. Missing Sync for Garmin becomes the fifth
version of Missing Sync to enable Mac users synchronization options
with popular handhelds. Other versions include the original Missing
Sync for Sony Clie, Missing Sync for Samsung, Missing Sync for Palm OS,
and Missing Sync for Pocket PC.

"Todayıs consumers have a growing list of innovative handheld devices
to choose from," said Brian Hall, President and CEO of Mark/Space,
Inc. "Mark/Space is committed to Mac synchronization solutions with
todayıs popular handhelds, ensuring users get the most out of their
handheld and Mac together."

Missing Sync for Garmin goes beyond merely enabling HotSync(R)
synchronization with the Garmin iQue 3600. The Missing Sync for Garmin
integrates functionality with both iTunes and iPhotos and allows the
user to mount the memory expansion card as a disk on the Mac desktop.

Missing Sync for Garmin Features include:

* PIM Synchronization - Synchronize your handheld Date Book,
Address Book, To Do, and Memo information with your Mac.
* Data Backup - Be assured that your data is backed up and easily
in the event that your handheld is lost.
* Install & Conduit support - Install Palm applications and exchange
with Mac applications such as Quicken, FileMaker, Entourage, and
For a list of popular Mac conduits visit
* iTunes support - Manage your mood by easily moving music and audio
back and forth from iTunes and your handheld.
* iPhoto support - Show off your favorite pictures on the go, by easily
moving pictures to and from your handheld and iPhoto.
* Desktop Mounting - Transfer files up to 8 times faster than a HotSync
operation by mounting an SD or MMC expansion card as a volume on the
Mac desktop
* AeroPlayer MP3 player - Create play lists of your favorite music and
turn your iQue 3600 into a mobile jukebox ([url]www.aerodrome.us[/url]).
* SplashPhoto Image Viewer - SplashPhoto turns your iQue 3600 handheld
into a mobile digital picture frame ([url]www.splashdata.com[/url]).

Map creation for the Garmin handheld still requires access to a
computer running Windows or Virtual PC to convert the Map information
into a file that can then by installed to the handheld. Once a map file
has been created it can then be installed from the Mac using the
Missing Sync software.

Product Availability
Missing Sync for Garmin is available for immediate purchase and
electronic software download at store.markspace.com. The electronic
software download is priced at $29.95. Buyers also receive SplashPhoto
image viewer (awarded 2003 Best Lifestyle Application by Handango(tm)),
AeroPlayer MP3 player, and over $100 of discount offers on popular Palm
software applications.

Mark/Space, Inc.
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