Hi all,

I'm starting a new project with a 15 min high res movie.
It's a presentationmovie seperated in 8 parts. Between every part is a intro
(alway the same one)
The music of everypart fits the start and end of the intro.
The user has to choose (at start up) which part(s) he wants to show.

What's the best way to make this presentation on dvd? (it has to play from
1. One big movie with markers and between every part the intro inserted.
2. Split the movie in 8 parts on dvd and install the intro on hd? (the intro
is 10 sec. can I preload a part while playing?)

What Xtra can I used the best? (i prefer playing mpeg2 so it can also be
played standalone on a regular dvd-player)

What's the best way to control the different parts? (see just part 1 and 3
for example)
I tried this with global
b="1" etc. (where 1 is play and 0 is not play)
but after running once it keeps the globals in memory.

hope i can get some advise.
Best regards,