I am trying to share printer and files between two
computers and it simply does not work. My two computers
are a Desktop (name: Base) and a Toshiba Notebook (name:

They are both connected to a LinkSys Router, and I should
specify that they are both able to connect to the
Internet without any problem.

I am using the same username and password (admin
privileges) on both machines. I have also specified the
same workgroup name on both machines (in System
Properties -> Computer Name). I have also specified some
folders for sharing.

The desktop is running Win XP Pro and the notebook Win XP
Home Edition. The desktop seems to see the machines just
fine (either in the Network Neighborhood or when using
the command "net view"), however, the notebook usually
specifies that the network is not available ("path to the
network not found"). Even the desktop, who sees both
machines, cannot access the notebook.

On the desktop computer, I have two network connections:
an IEEE1394 and a LAN connection. On the notebook, I have
the same two plus an "Internet Connection".

I must also add that no firewall is installed (and
window's own is deactivated).

Please help. I don't know what to do anymore. I have
contacted LinkSys support, but they would not help me
with what the say is not of their resort.

Thank you a thousand times.