It should print at least as well as PhotoDeluxe. Could you give us a little
more information? It sounds like you may be scanning or printing at too low
a resolution. I'm assuming printing as you got ok results in PhotoDeluxe.

Please describe how you get from scan to print:

Begin with the original doent. What is the size and what resolution did
you set the scanner.

After you scan the image and open it in PSE, what does PSE say about the
size? (from the menu: image->resize->image resize) What is the width and
height in pixels and what does the resolution say in pixels per inch?

Describe the steps to print the image. Did you use edit->print, edit->print
preview, or something else. What is the image print size? Any other

Answer these questions and we'll have a much better chance at identifying
the source of the problem and help you out.