PROBLEM: I cannot communicate with a Lexmark Z53 Ink Jet printer over a
LAN. Setup is: Host pc has a WIN ME O/S and the remote printer (Lexmark
is connected to a WIN XP Pro (new). The printer works perfectly as a local
The LAN was in existence before with both pc's running on WIN ME with no
problems at all. The remote is connected by CAT 5 cable through a router
and hub. When the remote was converted to WIN XP the problem surfaced.
Everything has been done by the book and everything looks great. You can
see the printer over the network. Printer drivers have been loaded and
appear to be connected to the correct port, however when you go to print you
get the "CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE PRINTER" message. I have run the Home
Networking setup wizard from the XP remote on both computers. I have
uninstalled and reinstalled the print driver on the remote a number of
times. I have rerun the Network wizard a number of times and nothing helps.
Appreciate any assistance I can get to resolve this issue as I have done
everything I can think of.