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Printing 4 X 6 image ??? - Adobe Photoshop Elements

I'm trying to print a true 4 X 6 image. No matter what size I make the image. It just won't let me print a true borderless image. I read on here where borderless printing isn't possible, without fooling the program. That I can live with. However, I can't get continued...

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    Default Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    I'm trying to print a true 4 X 6 image. No matter what size I make the image. It just won't let me print a true borderless image. I read on here where borderless printing isn't possible, without fooling the program. That I can live with. However, I can't get the image more then 3.75 X 5.25.
    Can anyone help !!!
    Roy P Purtell Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Roy, what kind of printer do you have ? Brand / model.. ?


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Hi Roy,
    I use OS X 10.2.6 and an Epson Stylus Photo 890. There have been many posts at the Apple Forums regarding the limitations of the print drivers for Epson Printers under OS X. Some of the drivers have been updated to include full funtionality and others have not. Make sure you have the latest driver for your printer. In my case, the 890 still doesn't support borderless printing, although I can print borderless under OS 9.2. I usually print multiple 4X6 prints on letter size photo paper and trim with scissors or a paper cutter. According to, the latest print driver for the Epson SP 825 is ver. 1.5aA, with a posting date of 4/2/2003. You can download the driver from the Epson web site. I hope this helps and doesn't tell you things you already know.
    Edward Fritzen Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Roy, I don't understand what you mean by 'flattened'...? And what
    constraints are you talking about?


    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Hi Roy,
    That makes sense to me. When printing directly from the printer, without using a connected PC/Mac, the printer itself is controlling the output. When printing from any application running on your Mac, the printer is being controlled by the print drivers loaded on your Mac. It's these drivers that don't always offer full functionality under OS X. So eventhough you properly size a picture in Elements 2, the print driver is limiting the output and not allowing you to print a true borderless print. If however you do have the latest print drivers installed for the 825, check the print dialog boxes that appear when you send a job to print and make sure you have the correct paper chosen etc,etc. There might be an option in there that needs to be selected for borderless. Am I confusing matters more? Good luck!!
    Edward Fritzen Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???


    Your camera's output is not exactly proportioned for a 4x6 (or an 8x10 or 5x7, for that matter.) You need to crop the picture using the crop tool or the rectangular marquee to the size you are trying to print. Then you should be able to get a properly sized print.

    My wife and I struggled with this until we began using a one step program that auto-cropped from the center of the photo (like the printer probably does.)

    Search the threads for crop and print for many more opinions on how this is best done.

    Stephen C. Smith Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Ok, I understand that the photo needs to be cropped or resized. But to what size should the image be for me to get a 4x6 printed image.
    No matter what size I set the image to.. it still doesn't make it 6" wide.

    As previously posted " I can't get the image more then 3.75 X 5.25"
    Roy Purtell Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Pete, that's certainly possible, although if you Zoom out you should be able
    to see that white border with gray around it on the desktop - at least in


    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???


    That probably was not the case anyway especially if the image was cropped.

    (at least in Windows? ....don't start nuttin Chuck..ha ha:)


    Pete D Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    Here is some figures,, maybe you can get something from this to help me. Start with a image in PE,,it says the image size is 4x6". I go to page setup,,set it up to print to Epson 825 on 4x6" (no perferations) paper. I then close that, go to print. I get a note that says the image is larger then the paper, some cropping will take place. I print it anyway. The image prints out as a 2"H x 2 15/16"W

    Here are the size dimensions of the image that I printed.
    Pixel Dimensions--6.18M
    Width 1800 pixel
    Height 1200 Pixel

    Doc Size:
    Width 6"
    Height 4"
    Resolution 300

    What am I doing wrong???
    Roy Purtell Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???

    OK, Roy, don't do anything until I get some feedback on what I'm getting ready to post!

    Other PSE gurus: It really does look like Roy has all of the settings correct. Once he leaves Print Preview, though, don't the printer settings "take over" and finish the printing job? I just looked in the System folder of my computer and see that there are Preference folders for the printers I have installed. Is it possible it's the printer preference that's corrupted and causing his printing problems? I'm not about to suggest he trash those until somebody else responds. (Although it's something I'd be gutsy enough to try, just to see if it made a difference.)

    By the way, Roy, have you tried deleting the Elements Preference folder? Personally it seems what you're getting from PSE is OK, but the information just simply isn't being transferred properly to the printer. Just for sport, why don't you trash them and see if anything changes. At least that will be eliminated as a possible problem. To do that: With Elements closed, click on the start up icon and then make a quick grab for the (Win) Control, Alt, and Shift keys (Mac) Command, Option, and Shift. Hold all three down until you get a screen asking if you want to delete the Settings. Say Yes. You will lose any settings you've customized in Elements, but those are pretty easy to reset.
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Default Re: Printing 4 X 6 image ???


    Just a thought...

    Your printout measures almost exactly 50% of your expected size. Perhaps you have the reduce/enlarge box ticked? After clicking on 'Print', click on 'Preferences' button and look at settings there. Make sure the box for 'Reduce/Enlarge'(behind 'Layout' tab) is NOT ticked.
    Nancy S Guest

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