Can anyone help with this printing problem?
I have an Epson Stylus Photo 960 and can't seem to get my photos to print
out borderless in 4x6. When I use the software that came with the printer
(Epson Film Factory), I have no problem printing them borderless. It seems
that when I go to the "Print with Preview" option in Photoshop, I set the
size to "scale to fit media", but I get a white border on the left and the
right of the photo. When I set the print size to 4x6, a message pops up
saying that the print will be clipped because it doesn't fit the print area.
No matter what I've tried, I still seem to get ther white border on the left
and right side. The main reason I want to be able to print my photos from
Photoshop, and not Film Factory, is that I use the "import>Print Image
matching II" option to open my photos. I can then print them in "Exif"
format. But once I save them and open them in any other program, I can't
use the "Print Image matchingII or Exif" option.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!