We do tons of 11x17 newsletters. In PageMaker, I'd have the file set up as 11x17 (for the print shop), but have PM print it out on 2 letter-sized sheets (all my laser can handle) using the tiling option so I can fax it to the client. Every time I try this in Indesign CS, even though I have all printer's marks unchecked, it keeps putting crop marks and file information on the page. Needless to say, this means I'm getting way more than the two sheets. Is there some way to override this when printing tiles so it will properly print the two halves of the 11x17 on just two letter-sized sheets?

I'm at wit's end. I've gone through the manual, help files, and tried every setting option I can think of. For now I'm copying and pasting everything into a new file of facing 8.5x11 sheets so I can get what I need for faxing. Any suggestions? Thanks!!