I have been editing our User Group web site using Contribute 2 for several
years. I was using a Macintosh G3 iMac. I delayed upgrading to Contribute 3
until I had upgraded to a Macintosh G5 tower. I worked with the web site server
administrator to set up Contribute 3 to access the site, but I now find that
when I try to Edit any page on our site, the process of creating a Draft copy
on my Mac fails with the horizontal "thermometer" bar at the 75% location.
Everything just stops, and any attempt to do anything produces the spinning
pizza icon. Eventually, the application Quits on its own, although I usually
have used the Force Quit process to move on.

Meanwhile, Contribute 3 on my G5 has no problem at all producing a draft of
any of my dot-Mac web site pages. This is funny because I always had problems
trying to do so with Contribute 2.

I am thinking of trying to uninstall Contribute 3 on my G5 Mac and install in
its place the old Contribute 2.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Jim Foster
Solina, Ontario, Canada