I am a newbie and I installed a headless server next to my Windows 2K
computer in order to learn better about Linux.

My problem is as follows. Everytime that I login to the server and execute
"man" to look up the manual pages, I get some garbage characters on the
I have tried accessing my server using the following methods:

1. Cygwin environment using SSH
2. telnet from cmd.exe

If I do "man bash" from the Cygwin shell inside my Win2K system, I get the
following after NAME:

bash - GNU Bourne-Again SHell

If I conect to my headless server using ssh from the cygwin environment, I
get the following:

bash ‚^' GNU Bourne‚??Again SHell

If I do it by using telnet (the plain vanilla from windows2k) I get the

bash ?Í∆ GNU Bourne?«…Again SHell

And like those lines, there are several others with strange characters in

I know that for some reason, ssh and telenet are not interpreting some
escape sequence character. My question is the following.

1. How and Where can I find in Linux the format definition for the output,
including what type of escape character they are using when somebody
connects from outside the server. I am using redhat 8.0

2. what commands, if any do I have availabel under cygwin or ssh to properly
interpret such an input?

3. what commands if any do I have available under Windows2k telnet to
properly interpret sush an input?

thanks, I apreciate whatever help or pointers for info you might provide me