A wierd problem is occuring in asp.net. I have few web
pages and at times some of the code just disappears from
InitializeComponent() in designer generated code. Lets say
I have these four lines in InitializeComponent.

private void InitializeComponent()

this.btnCountyVSalesman.Click += new System.EventHandler
this.btnBranchCodeNotinDBAdmin.Click += new
System.EventHandler(this.btnBranchCodeNotinDBAdmin _Click);
this.btnCountyLoad.Click += new System.EventHandler
this.btnNoDefaultZip.Click += new System.EventHandler
this.Load += new System.EventHandler(this.Page_Load);

While running the application I notice that nothing is
happening on a button click. I go back to the code and see
that the corresponding line in InitializeComponent() has
vainished. Has anybody had this problem before.

Any help is appreciated.