I have a Dell Inspiron 3700 notebook. I have setup Debian 3.0 rev 1
stable with a very clean install (setup virtually as described at this
URL... [url]http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=2016[/url]
[EXCELLENT article for a relative newbie]). When I did the install I
was at work and plugged into that network via my PCMCIA ethernet
adapter. The IP is assigned dynamically through DHCP.
Everything worked like a charm. Get it home. PCMCIA card not used.
Docking station with onboard NIC. Doesn't work (obviously). At home
network I will specify the IP, gateway, subnet, etc...

PCMCIA NIC is 3COM 3CCFE574BT. Onboard NIC in docking station is 3COM
3C920 (3C905C-TX compatible). I figure I'll need to distinguish the
two by their hardware addresses (obtained running "ifconfig
-a"). Let's say PCMCIA NIC is AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA and docking station
NIC is BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB. I realize this may not be the way to do it,
but right now seems most logical & most distinguishing.

Understand that I don't exactly know where to find the configurations
stored (/etc/network??? /etc/pcmcia/network or
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts???). I've plugged the PCMCIA card and booted
in docking
station to see the two together and get most info. I realize eth0 &
eth1 only appear when both plugged in, otherwise either one will
always be just eth0 so that cannot be a distinguishing factor.

I need to know how to set the two up so it works off the PCMCIA card
at work and off the docking station at home. Eventually, I also have
a wireless Linksys 11Mbps card that gets used in both places,
but is more important to work at home so I can roam around the house
(since I can usually plug-in wired at work wherever I am, so multi-use
on this NIC is not required). Forget about the wireless
card if ya like. Throw in a little extra about it if ya like. I
don't really care about that now.

Any more information is available upon request. I can give you very
specific info, if necessary. The help is greatly appreciated. One
more thing that is VERY IMPORTANT.... I have yet to install
X-Windows and would like to configure this all from command-line for
now to learn more. Thanks!