1. When a pdf file created by Acrobat 5, that contains bookmarks, has been updated & saved by Acrobat 6, it will lock up Internet Explorer when trying to open the new file. Same result when opening from an Internet Server or just dragging the pdf file to Internet Explorer. PDF files without bookmarks seem to work ok. I've saved the files to be compatible with either vs 4 or vs 5 of Acrobat.

2. Tested on both Win NT 4 and Win XP and several PCs. Netscape 4.7 or 7 doesn't have any problem opening the files.

3. I need to know if there are some settings somewhere I can change to keep having to redo all my PDF files that have bookmarks.

4. In the meantime, I've had to reload Acrobat 5 to save any updated PDFs with bookmarks.