Hi, all

I am installing suse 7.1 to my PC to use its old version of glibc.

My cpu is P4 and my graphics card is
GeForce4 MX 4200 made by NVIDIA.
Since suce 7.1 can not auto recognize and config for this graphics card,
I have download a drvicer form NVIDIA:

But while install, a error tell me some precompile code does not match.
suse 7.1 use kernel 2.4.0, but the precompile code seems build for 2.4.20.

So questions:
1)do I must update the kernel to 2.4.20?
2)can I do it use YaST2 Onlone Update to do so?
what it will update?
and how to set proxcy for YaST2 Onlone Update?
3)I have also downloaded and built a new kernel 2.4.20.
after rebuild, installation of graphics driver seems OK.
But SaX2 still can not find the device.
Is there some special options needed to build kernel for SuSe 7.1?
Or some special config for XFree (my version 4.0.2)?

Any one have experience on this?

thanks a lot!