After some problems (my ignorance), finally got Star Gate installed on
an old Mac II SI, System 7.01, and got it to work OK, via null modem
cable, experimenting with PC->Mac xfers, but couldn't get Mac->PC
xfers to work. Star Gate shows that the computers are "Connected" and
each is ready to send and receive, but the Mac->PC xfer won't even
start, even when I manually tell the Mac to Send. Unfotunately, my
goal was to move files from Mac to PC.

I double-checked to be sure I had designated the correct outgoing
folders on the Mac. I also made sure that the drive on the PC was

Mac->PC xfers work using ZModem in White Knight/Mac and
Hyperterminal/PC, but folder structure is lost in the xfer so files
with same name overwrite. Also, it quit after about 40 files. Another
user suggested trying a slower speed, but I would still have the
overwrite problem anyway. So, I thought that Star Gate would be "the
answer." Otherwise will have to use floppies -- extremely tedious.

The PC is a Dell 266 Win 98SE

Your thoughts plz.