My wife's iBook has been behaving strangely, in that outgoing e-mail
messages are taking 18-24 hours to get sent. Incoming mail arrives promptly
and web sites respond quickly, so our internet connection itself (Comcast
cablemodem) isn't suspect. As best I can tell, all the settings on the iBook
are correct. Also, the two other machines which share the cablemodem (a
beige Powermac DT and a PC) are having no difficulties with e-mail at all.

The iBook is running system 10.2 and version 1.2.5 of the Mail program,
connecting to the internet via first-generation Airport. When we open an
outgoing e-mail in the outbox, a dialog box informs us:
"The outgoing server failed to deliver this message. This
message couldn't be delivered because the smtp host did not recognize any of
the recipients...." (All e-mail addresses used have worked fine in the

Strange behavior began soon after the iBook was returned to us from repair
with a new HD, and I restored all data from an external drive. I've verified
apll the settings I can think of to check; what have I forgotten to do?


The Comcast people can't help because they only support M$ Outlook Express
on the Mac