Ulf Häggkvist <ulf.haggkvistdatavis.se> wrote:
>I want to send a FormFeed after every output to a printer connected to
>a Netgear PS110 printserver. I have implemented the filter mentioned
>in TA 112842 found in SCO Knowledge database. I have tried it exactly
>as in the TA and also a variant where the exec starts the filter with
>$1 appended and the script read $1 instead of standard input. If I use
>the filter manually like in 'addcrff file1 | lp -d printer1' a
>FormFeed is appended to the output and it looks nice but if I then put
>of=/usr/bin/sh_addcrff in the /etc/printcap for printer1 and use the
>command 'lp -d printer1 file1' no FormFeed is appended and the printer
>halts in the middle of the page.
>Have I missed something?
Ayup: [url]http://aplawrence.com/Bofcusm/792.html[/url]
>Have I misunderstood the whole thing?
See [url]http://aplawrence.com/SCOFAQ/FAQ_virtualprint.html[/url]

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