Hello All,

I'm having a weird problem sending e-mail to a yahoo address from my G3
Wallstreet; sending to the same address (via_mostly_the same router) on
my B&W G3 desktop works fine.

The error message is: An error occurred while delivering this message
via the SMTP server "(null)":

I checked mail's preferences and the smtp server is configured

The weird thing is that if I send a test message to one of my own
accounts (non-Yahoo), the message is delivered; but if I try
to_forward_the message to the same account, the "null" error message
comes up again.

A rather significant difference between the laptop and the desktop is
that the laptop uses a wireless connection to a D-Link DI 713-P which is
connected via cable to a Linksys BEFSR41 which is connected to the cable
modem; the desktop is connected via cable to the Linksys. I have not had
problems with mail with this setup previously and I am able to get an
wireless internet connection with the laptop with this setup, I just
cannot send a message to the yahoo address.

This is a real head-scratcher for me. Anyone have an idea on a fix?

thanks much,

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