Hello everyone, I'm using flex 2 and I have an application that shows a
ColumnChart to the user, and let the user choose the chart type, that can be
overlaid, clustered, 100% or stacked... And I'm having problem with the
overlaid type, because in the chart I've put 4 ColumnSeries, and when the chart
is rendered, some of the columns appear in front of the other ones hidding

It doesn't solve my problem to change the order of the column series because
the order of the bars will change for all the items...

What should I do to have the overlaid chart working perfectly, showing all the
columns correctly?

Thanks in advance.

<mx:ColumnChart id="myColumnChart"
<mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="Status" dataProvider="{chartProvider}"/>

<mx:GridLines direction="vertical">
<mx:SolidColor color="0xCCCCCC" alpha="0.3"/>

<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="A" yField="A"/>
<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="B" yField="B"/>
<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="C" yField="C"/>
<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="D" yField="D"/>