We have upgraded to Flash MX 2004 in hopes that it would solve a
problem we have been having with embedding fonts. We are writing an
application that uses some Math symbols. The font selected for the
application is Arial Unicode MS. Previously we had not been embedding
the font because we were unable to include the character ranges we
needed. But now with Flash MX 2004 you can select the ranges manually
so the font is really getting embedded correctly.

But, here is the issue. When I do embed the font it will not display
'bolded' characters in the text field (they look non-bolded). All the
text fields that I'm using are dynamic text (because it is filled in at
runtime). I have tried some different things and what I have noticed
is that fonts that are 'TrueType' have trouble displaying as bold when
embedded. I have tried 'OpenType' fonts on Windows and they have been
ok. I have also tried this on a Mac and I'm seeing similar problems.

When I set the field to 'Alias Text' the bold works again but it looks
terrible. The characters run together. And there are some cases where
I need to stretch some characters. When 'Alias Text' is on those
stretched characters become pixelated. But when 'Alias Text' is off it
is much better.

Are there any known issues with embedding TrueType fonts in Flash?
Can anyone think of some work arounds? I thought about trying to
convert the font from TrueType to OpenType and see if that would make a
difference. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two types
of fonts.

I am working in Flash MX 2004 - but publishing as Flash 6. I'm seeing
the same bad looking bold both when authoring and playing back. I have
tried the same kinds of things exporting as Flash 7 from a simple movie
but have the same poor results.

Dave Sugar