Hello all!

Maybe any of you can help meÖbecause Iím getting crazy! Iím working in
an application made in Director Mx2004. Itīs just an interface to search
in an Access2000 database and show the results of the search...Itís
connected to the database using datagrip and the application also uses
Flash components.

The first (the bigger) problem is that once exported to an exe file, the
application doesnít work in PCs running Win 98... I get this error message:

Runtime error!
Abnormal Program Termination

It works right in WinXP and in Win2000 systems but doesnít work in Win

Do I have to export it in such a way that it allows me to run it in Win
98? What can be the problem?

The second problem (smaller XDD) is that when showing the content of a
database field, the aplication shows double line break when the database
shows a single one... Ex: the database has:

Line 3

And the application shows (when calling to that field)




Any suggestion? Iím really lost!!!

Thanks in advance and sorry if my english is not very good.