Is anyone else having problems getting the new 'critical' security update from
Microsoft to install? I have downloaded the update from Microsoft's website
manually by going:

When I go to install the update I get the error: 'The version of Macromedia
Flash you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install.'

Here are the steps I have already taken:
Completely removed flash player using the uninstall utility found on
Macromedia's website.
Reinstalled the latest version (which appears to be
I went into the c:/windows/system32/macromed/flash/ folder and ran the
UpdateFlash.exe application to ensure that I had all the latest updates. This
..exe tells me that there is an update available, it acts like it is downloading
it and installs it. When finished it says that the new version will install
when I reboot. I reboot, run the UpdateFlash.exe app again, and the same
update is available again and again.

I am still unable to install the latest security update after running the
UpdateFlash.exe app which supposedly gives me the latest version of flash.