I'm reviewing Contribute for use on a wide scale ( a bunch of schools ) but
it seems i'm running into some serious limitations.

I'm using Contribute 2.01 and Dreamweaver MX 2004 ( 7.0.1 ). I converted our
web site over to use 1 editable region and some conditional regions for the
sub-nav. Now ever since i've done that, the people with contribute 2 cannot
create links withen the editable region. It shows the error "You cannot
perform this action in this region of the page".

They can do everything else under the sun BUT create links. This is a
required feature for our purpose.

Now is this just how contribute works? Or am I doing something wrong in the
dreamweaver template? Here's a link to an example page...


Were talking about a very simple site. No dynamic stuff, just all static
html. And one UNnested editable region.

I've done a bit of surfing to try and find an answer with no luck. And it
seems others have had this problem with the same bit luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.