The message would indicate that you are trying to boot from the c: drive
(presumably the new hard drive) and NOT the XP CD. Set the BIOS to boot
from the CD Drive (which is NOT going to be a c: drive!) and then follow the
instructions on the screen.

First thing you will see after the basic CMOS info is:

Press A Key to Boot from CD....

(press any key, even the space bar!)

Then follow the instructions to partition the hard drive, format it and
proceed with a clean install.


"Dave" <> wrote in message
> The hard disc on my computer died, so I bought a new one
> (Western Digital 60g). But I am unable to reinstall WinXP
> on the new HD. The CMOS screen shows the HDD fine. When
> I try to boot from the WinXP disc I get the following
> error messages:
> The following files are missing or corrupted:
> c:windows\himem.sys
> c:windows\dblbuff.sys
> c:windows\fshlp.sys
> Unable to locate file
> Unable to continue installing windows.
> any ideas?