Maybe your AS400 DB2 server has been restarted or the network had an error.
Then the DB2 application (MS SQL Server "program") should issue a new
"connect to".


"Tako" <> wrote in message
> Hello.
> We have a problem with a linked server. We have a SQLServer 2000 SP 2
> with a linked server to AS400, we use IBM DB2 OleDB Provider V 7,2 FixPack
> 8, sometimes the connection with the linked server becomes idiot: we can
> querys against SQL Server and works well, but if we make a query who
> involves the linked server the connection remains in delay, does not give
> any error but it does not give back anything. The only solution we have
> found is to restart the SQLServer service.
> Any idea?
> Thank you very much.